5 Great Outdoor Uses for Your Old Apple iPad 1

If your old iPad 1 is collecting dust in the back of a cupboard, dig it out, buy a Lifedge iPad 1 case and give it a new lease of life…

1. Sailing Navigator

Turn your iPad 1 into a GPS navigation tablet onboard your boat. Simply download some of the latest apps for both cruising and racing and never miss a secluded bay or lay-line again.

See our guide to the top 10 apps for sailing here.


2. Swimming Trainer

Turn your iPad 1 into the ultimate poolside companion. View your training schedules and record your times to help you to improve your swimming performance; perfect if you’re getting ready for your first triathlon. Watch a video to see how one of our Pioneers, John, used his iPad to prepare for his Great Big Monster Swim challenge.


3. Outdoor Cinema

Enjoy your favourite music and films under the stars with your iPad 1 portable media player. Plus, don’t forget to download some useful survival apps and campfire recipes before you head out into the wilderness for a perfect bivvy adventure.


4. Trekking Porter

Whether you’re climbing a mountain or going for an after work evening hike, your iPad 1 can lighten the load and carry your guidebooks, maps, translation books, how to videos, diary and also be your navigational guide.

Download OutDoors – the complete mapping and GPS app for hikers, runners, cyclists and mountaineers across the world.


5. Surf Patrol

Take your iPad 1 to the beach and never miss that perfect wave. Look up tide times and wave forecasts, plus if you have a GoPro camera, use your iPad as a shore based repeater screen so your mates can capture the best footage of your epic skills!

So, what are you waiting for? Get outside and enjoy your iPad 1 again…