5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Take Up Climbing

Zofia Reych really loves climbing. When she’s not doing it she’ll be thinking about it, probably writing about it and almost certainly speaking about it. At night there’s only one thing she dreams about, and she wants to save you from the same fate. Here are her top 5 reasons why you shouldn’t take up climbing…

1) You will lose all your free time

Love spending your evenings on a couch in front of the telly? Forget about it. Straight from work you will run to the nearest climbing wall or, worse, drive outside of town to hit the crag just for the weekend. You will come back exhausted and inexplicably eager for the next Friday to arrive. And speaking of Fridays…

2) You will have to say goodbye to hard partying

Three pints, half a bottle of wine and a late night? No time for that! You won’t want to waste a Saturday morning for a hangover or even an innocent lay-in. You will be full of energy and enthusiasm at some godless hour, driving to that crag again.

3) You will be excluded from that dieting small-talk

People love chatting about their weight issues, count calories, and rage about guilt straight after they’ve eaten a biscuit. Well, if you’re going to take up climbing, you can forget about that topic of conversation. You will quickly become your fittest self and, willy-nilly, you will develop some muscle. That biscuit will look as an important source of carbs just in time before your evening gym session.

4) You will have to deal with the wilderness

No tube, no traffic, no noise. There will be a lot of walking and probably some camping. You will have to cook on a gas stove and carry your own backpack. You will have time to listen to your own thoughts. Pure horror!

5) You can’t avoid travelling to remote destinations

Climbing will take you far away from your homeland. You will meet new people and you will have to learn about their cultures. You might end up attending a language course. Becoming a budgeting and organisation master is unavoidable and you will constantly be thinking about your next destination.

And despite all these inconveniences, climbing is highly addictive and may take over your life. You were warned.

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