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All About The Journey

Zoe believes that life is all about the journey. She recently headed over to the USA to ride a Harley Davidson through some of the most iconic scenery in the world, fulfilling a long term dream and fuelling her love of motorcycle adventure. Along the way she captured her story using her iPhone, prot ...
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Zofia Reych really loves climbing. When she's not doing it she'll be thinking about it, probably writing about it and almost certainly speaking about it. At night there's only one thing she dreams about, and she wants to save you from the same fate. Here are her top 5 reasons why you shouldn't take ...
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Run Commute

Without his bike, Andy Waterman was left in a difficult position. He wasn't going to drive to work, and the prospect of being on the tube on such a beautiful day was less than appealing. The only option left? Run.For the last month or so I've been working full-time in central London, helping a large ...
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The Outsiders | Jeffrey Bowman

Jeffrey Bowman represents a new generation of outdoorsmen who see no divide between outdoor lifestyle and creativity. Jeffrey works as an illustrator and designer but dreams of spending his time entirely outside. Through his work, Jeffrey and others like him are inspiring all kinds of people to get ...
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Crossing The Border

Over the summer, Andrew Cotton works as a lifeguard and plumber to help pay for his upcoming winter big wave missions. Like anybody else though, big wave surfers need a holiday. Cotty and the family ventured down to Cornwall in search of waves much smaller than he is normally used to...It’s funny ...
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Best Laid Plans

2,800 metres above sea level with a storm fast approaching, Rachel Fenton's Alps adventure was quickly changing from a mountain bike exploration to a fast and loose scramble to safety. Faced with a steep rocky descent, obscured by snow and ice, this is where the adventure really began...With the boo ...
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On hazy summer days when the weather is hot and the sun sits high in the sky there’s no better remedy for stuffy offices and suffocating commutes than diving head first into a wild swim.Follow the banks of your local river or head out on the coastal road until you find your spot, throw your clothe ...
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Lifedge Pioneer, Dan Craven is currently embarking on the greatest challenge of his career, the Vuelta a España. Along with the Tour de France and Giro d'Italia, the Vuelta makes up cycling's prestigious, three week-long Grand Tours. Here Dan gives us an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at his Gra ...
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Learning To Fall

With a lot of hard work the body can be radically altered, but the mind is a different story. Climbing the sheer limestone cliffs of Mallorca, Zofia Reych found that the physical challenges were far easier to overcome than the fear of falling to the sea below.We were standing atop a 65ft limestone c ...
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Alastair Humphreys is a British Adventurer, Author and Blogger who has travelled all around the globe in practically every way imaginable. It's on the subject of embracing adventure in your own backyard though, that Al has written his most successful book to date, Microadventures. We caught up with ...
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