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Every once in a while we need to do something out of the ordinary. We need to feed our souls and creativity with something that breaks away from routine and provides us with that feeling of satisfaction we yearn for.If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal. - Paulo CoelhoWhen ...
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2014 | One Life, Live It.

2014 was a year I’ll never forget. A year of big challenges, big leaps and change. The driving force behind it all was adventure. The desire to explore my limits, challenge myself and see what life could have in store for me if I asked the questions. Beyond all that, it was a desire to go on amazi ...
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When you're traveling, staying on the right path can be tricky. Different languages, road signs and rules can make foreign roads a difficult place to navigate. Winding her way through eight Alpine countries, Sophie Radcliffe found her technology to be crucial in keeping her on the straight and narro ...
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The Alpine Coast to Coast

1669 kms of cycling, 141 kms on foot and 45,530 meters of ascent up the biggest mountains of the eight Alpine Countries. That was Lifedge Pioneer Sophie Radcliffe's Alpine Coast to Coast, and this is why she did it. Try not to be inspired..."There were times when I felt on top of the world, and ther ...
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Lifedge Pioneer, Sophie Radcliffe has found that adventures don't always have to be epic. The most enriching adventures can be as simple as waking up early and taking a morning swim. With her Lifedge Waterproof iPhone Case and Float she was able to capture the moment as a reminder that sometimes, i ...
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Food for the Soul

On a journey from the mountains to the sea, Lifedge Pioneer, Sophie Radcliffe discovered the coastline of the Italian Riviera to be the perfect place to nourish both body and soul.Living in Chamonix doesn’t just give me amazing access to the mountains and the adventures they offer, it’s also ver ...
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Sophie Radcliffe isn't one to shy away from a challenge. In her first adventure as a Lifedge Pioneer she literally threw our waterproof iPhone case in at the deep end by taking on the mud and water of the Fisherman’s Friend Strongman Run. 24 kilometres and 20 obstacles, all with a smile.It was a ...
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