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For many, a tiny village in a remote region of Spain might be the last place they would hope to find themselves hitchhiking. But for Zofia, and climbers with a taste for adventure, Rodellar is a world-class sport climbing destination."We swam in an icy creek, drank good wine, met a bunch of good peo ...
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Competing in the world's largest 24 hour endurance mountain bike event was always going to be a learning experience. Pushing through the pain and fear, Collyn found that even if you're racing solo you're never alone. With the right support and the will to push onward, you can always go further.Every ...
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Last weekend Lifedge Pioneer, Andy Waterman found himself at the CTT National 24hr Time Trial Championships. Not in his usual position behind the handlebars but instead as a supporter, helping a friend.Most of what passes for adventure blogging is all about what YOU can do, the adventures YOU can h ...
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Mountain Mayhem is an event steeped in emotion. Founded from an unfaltering passion for mountain biking, the 24 hour race is not just a punishing endurance test but a celebration of a tightly knit community bound by a love for riding bikes off-road.WIN A £200 ADVENTURE BUNDLEShare your Mount ...
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For ten years Dan Craven has been chasing a dream. A dream which for many would seem to be an impossible fantasy. Unperturbed, he has struggled and sacrificed in order to become a professional road cyclist. With plenty of highs and many lows, his unwavering dedication to his dreams is paying off. In ...
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We all want to be riding as much as possible, right? But 24 hours of mountain biking, that's another level. Join Lifedge and hundreds of others as the mayhem unfolds and sanity slips in the Wiggle Mountain Mayhem 24 Hour.The three day event is the largest and most prestigious 24 hour mountain bike r ...
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After surfing a life changing giant wave in February, Andrew Cotton has brought big wave surfing out of the wilderness and crashing into living rooms around the world. To his dismay, Cotty has found himself thrust into the media spotlight making him quite possibly the most famous man in Croyde.Summe ...
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At Lifedge we believe that creativity and storytelling exist at the heart of adventure. Everything we do aims to inspire people to be outside and get creative. Andy Waterman is an adventure journalist with a keen eye, and a way with a story. Always looking for new ways to tell a tale, he discovered ...
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La Solitaire Du Figaro is one of the world’s most prestigious solo offshore races.  Considered by many to be the world championships of offshore sailing, the Figaro is a proving ground for the most hardy and ambitious of sailors. Like Sam Goodchild, many of them have their eyes set on the ultimat ...
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Sophie Radcliffe isn't one to shy away from a challenge. In her first adventure as a Lifedge Pioneer she literally threw our waterproof iPhone case in at the deep end by taking on the mud and water of the Fisherman’s Friend Strongman Run. 24 kilometres and 20 obstacles, all with a smile.It was a ...
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