Journeying to The Maldives

Lifedge Pioneer Sophie Hellyer is not only an championship winning surfer, she’s also an accomplished model, environmentalist and in her own words ‘vegan in training’. Finding time recently to leave behind the demands of a busy schedule she travelled to the idyllic Maldives to get back to basics amongst the warmth of the Indian Ocean waves. In her very first blog for Lifedge, Sophie reflects on what it’s like to experience such a beautiful location from the perspective of a surfboard.

Winter in County Clare did not feel like a long one; although the days were short and winds were cold, the surf, garden and our tribe kept us busy and happy! Summer seems to have crept up on me from nowhere and I find myself returning back to The Maldives. The Liquid Destnation boat – Nautilus One – feels like my home away from home after spending a month here last year.

I know how lucky I am to be able to spend weeks here at a time and I’m always excited to get some sunshine, surf and time to read and write. Here’s my photo diary so far…!

Walking out of the airport in Male is a pretty special thing. You step outside into the most crazy colours of turquoise and blue and your taxi to the next destination is always a boat.

Palm trees and coconuts and in abundance in The Maldives

An awesome shot of a Salt Gypsy fish!

For the early part of my Maldives trip the surf was small and the trade winds were blowing. A couple of days later and I’d had 6 surfs and there was a constant smile on my face.

Some obligatory dodgy tan lines!

I’m so thankful my iPhone has been in its Lifedge case; my partner Matt thinks it’s hilarious to throw me overboard it’s great that I don’t have to worry about it getting wet. Plus having it protected by the case means I can go snorkeling and swimming too!


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