Learning Curves | Sam Goodchild and Team Phaedo

For Lifedge Pioneer Sam Goodchild life is pretty good right now. As part of Team Phaedo, Sam is currently riding the celebratory wave of not only smashing the record in their debut RORC Caribbean 600 in Antigua, but of being the fastest team around the island in the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta 2015 recently. Find out here how a steady determination to live a life on the water means record-breaking achievements are now coming in thick and fast for Sam… 

Sailors often talk about how their learning curve never stops in sailing and the last 6 weeks has been a fine example of that for me; sailing around on a 70ft long trimaran. I’m told that the MOD70 is extremely safe compared to the old ORMA 60s but nothing takes away from the speeds that it reaches and the fact that any foul move – no matter how small – can turn the boat over, forwards or sideways, your choice.  A little broach – as anyone who has ever done one in a monohull or dinghy will know – really is a no go on these beasts.

As part of Team Phaedo, we have completed a transatlantic, 600 mile offshore race (RORC Caribbean 600) and an inshore regatta (Heineken Regatta in St. Maarten) in the last 6 weeks. We now have a few weeks off before we’ll be at it again with the next big event being the NYYC Transatlantic race from Newport to Cowes in July.

I remember the first watch leaving France with fellow Figarist Henry Bomby and nervously watching the speedo as we cruised along at 20-25 knots; barely 4 weeks later we were chatting to one of the crew about a dinner we’d had the previous night, hardly noticing that we were going along at over 30 knots. Then screaming along in St. Maarten as we broke 40 knots for the first time ever…that was incredible!!

The list of things I have learnt over the last few weeks is certainly proportionate to the amount of fun I am having sailing this boat with Team Phaedo and I definitely don’t think going at 30 to 40 knots is going to get boring anytime soon!


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