Lifedge Bike Mount for iPhone

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Whether you find yourself riding on the roads, in the city or along the trail, mount your iPhone to your bike and read maps, view stats, shoot photos and record video. All while your phone is securely protected.

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Bike Mount for Waterproof iPhone Case

The accessory fits to most bar sizes and provides a solid mount for your phone no matter where you ride and what the conditions are like.

Boater? This makes an ideal rail mount for your iPhone onboard. Fix your phone at the helm and navigate your RIB or sailboat in any weather.



Key Features:

  • Rock solid. Vibration proof, engineered locking mechanism: open, set position, then lock and leave.
  • Best view. Mounts phone forward or rear facing. Choose the camera you want to capture all the action. Rotates 360°. Set in landscape or portrait for a great view of your screen.
  • For road, city or trail. Narrow width clamp, designed to fit road, hybrid, fixie and mountain. And scooters. Fits bars or rails 22mm to 34mm / 0.85″ to 1.28″. Three inserts supplied for best fit.
  • Safe, strong clamp for phone, with over-lock catch for security. Rough city roads and fast single track are its bread and butter.
  • Rotate your phone through 360° and get the view you want. There’s some clever ball joint engineering going on here that means you choose the position and then trust the lock – it’s going nowhere.
  • Uniform grip is achieved on a wide range of bars by a range of insert sizes. Same security on narrow to oversize bars.
  • Vibration damping from a soft TPE back pad for the iPhone.
  • Outdoor capable materials: 316 stainless, glass-filled nylon, TPE, PC / ABS. We could go on but you get the picture: this kit is built to last, wherever you take it.


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