Waterproof Dual USB Charge Socket (12-24V)

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Charge your devices onboard, whatever the weather! Perfect for kayaks, RIB, sail and powerboats of any size, use to charge phones, tablets, cameras & small screens!



Charge your devices onboard, whatever the weather.

Perfect for kayaks, RIBS, sail and powerboats of any size.

Ideal for charging phones, tablets, cameras and small marine electronics screens.

Key Features:


Works with any USB Type A connector and will charge up to 2 devices at a time.

Compatible with a wide range of electronics devices.

Waterproof Charging

  • Tested and approved IPX4 waterproof rating with the cover closed
  • Waterproof with 1, 2 or even 0 cables plugged in

Marine Ready

  • Designed for use in all marine environments, whatever the conditions
  • Anti-corrosion coating on circuit board combines with a UV resistant shell and 316 stainless hinge and spring

Great Design

  • Easy to install with a low profile and small mounting footprint
  • Quick and simple to open and close, even with gloves on

Max Current

  • 3.1A total or 2.1A from a single socket


  • Standard barrel size also fits existing USB sockets



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