Run Sean, Run!

In 2013 Sean Conway swam the entire length of Britain, making him the first and only person to have done so. He has since cycled the journey, and on Saturday 9th of August he is setting off on foot to become the only person to complete the length of Britain Triathlon. Equipped with a Lifedge Waterproof iPhone Case he will be using his iPhone to navigate and document his adventure, no matter what the weather has in store. We caught up with Sean before he hits the road…

“I push my gear pretty hard and the [Lifedge] case has stood up to everything so far. I don’t have to worry about my iPhone any more.”

Can you give us a brief overview of Run Sean, Run and why you’re doing it?

A few reasons really. One being that I want to be the first and only person to complete a length of Britain triathlon. I swam the full length of Britain last year, and like a lot of people I’ve cycled it which means the run is the last stage.

Also, I want to have an exploration adventure instead of my usual endurance adventure. I’m used to racing and pushing 18 hours a day chasing some absurd goal but this time I want to ease off a little and explore Britain and its wonderful rolling countryside. This time I’m really going to try and take it slower but I know I’ll still be running until midnight every night.

Thirdly I’d like to play my part in inspiring people to get outdoors and live a healthy life. For many years I didn’t and I was miserable because of it. A healthy body IS a healthy mind and that’s a fact.

You’ll be shooting video and photos throughout to tell your story, what apps will you be using?

I didn’t want a big camera crew and people in high viz jackets on this run. I felt it would have taken away from the purity of the adventure and distorted the message that anyone can get outside and explore unassisted. Instead I’ve decided I’m going to shoot everything on my iPhone and use the iMovie app to edit and post to YouTube on the move.

As a photographer I’m also a big fan of Instagram. I’ll be updating my page (@conway_sean) regularly and sharing photos from all along the route. There’s going to be plenty to see, that’s for sure.

How is your Lifedge case performing so far?

I can honestly say I think it’s amazing. I love the little things; like that you can listen to music while it’s raining. I push my gear pretty hard and the case has stood up to everything so far. I don’t have to worry about my iPhone any more.

Not only is it good for adventures but I’m busy doing up an old WW2 boat which I’m planning on living in so I spend a lot of time covered in grime and paint. It’s nice to know my phone is protected while I’m knee deep in water in the bilge.

What are you looking forward to most about the run and why?

Mainly I’m looking forward to exploring the Great British countryside. When I cycled LEJOG it was all about the roads, the swim was about the coast and now the run will be all about the mountains and paths. I also can’t wait to meet some amazing people; I’m inviting people to come run with me. All you have to do is tell me one amazing story about yourself. It will help keep me entertained as well.

With highs there have to be lows. What parts are you dreading, if any?

My main worry is injury. Running is a very high impact sport and I’m not a natural runner. It’s going to be hard on my body and trying to avoid injury is going to be difficult but I’ll soldier on.

Finally, how can people keep up to date and why should they follow your run?

You can get all the information about the run over at From there you can track my progress every 10 minutes, so it shouldn’t be too hard to come find me. I’m hoping loads of people will decide to have their own adventure and come run with me. It’s going to be great!

You can learn more about the Lifedge Waterproof iPhone Case that Sean is using to protect his phone from the inevitable sweat, shock, drops and bad weather here.

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