Sophie Radcliffe | 5 Lifedge Adventures

For the last six months I’ve been a Lifedge Pioneer. Armed with an iPhone 5 and a Lifedge Waterproof Case to protect my phone from water, mud, and impact damage, my mission was to take my phone where I hadn’t dared before, capturing my adventures from the front line. Needless to say, I loved this challenge and duly accepted!

Photography is a big passion of mine and if you’ve been on an adventure with me you’ll see I’m always stopping for photos or running ahead and taking them whilst everyone catches up. A huge draw of adventure and being in the mountains is all the incredible, breath-taking views and moments we experience. If I can capture them on my camera, I can relive them forever.

I’ve had so much fun thinking creatively about all the adventures I could capture now that I didn’t have to worry about damaging my phone in the process. iPhones are expensive to repair and replace, damaging them is a risk that most of us are not willing to take, unless we have the right kit to support what we’re planning to do.

Here are five of my favourite adventures I’ve had with Lifedge:

1. Obstacle Racing

I vividly remember the look of horror from my friends as I lined up at the start of the Strongman Run in Germany, brand new iPhone in hand.  Knowing that there were 16 obstacles on this 2-lap course all involving some form of mud, water or objects that are usually a threat to the delicate phones we use, I explained I was putting Lifedge to the test! I’m pleased to say it survived its first outing with me! I did get some strange looks whilst taking photos out on the course that day, but the photos I took are amongst my favourite because they’re different.

2. Wild Swimming

A water baby at heart, it doesn’t take much for me to strip off and jump in the nearest lake, river or pool. This summer, I’ve been swimming in Lake Passy and the outdoor pool in Chamonix, rivers and lakes all over Europe on the Alpine Coast to Coast and London’s Serpentine in Hyde Park. Taking photos from the water’s edge really helps capture the joy of it.

3. Mountaineering

After moving to Chamonix this summer, we’ve been lucky to have the Mont Blanc Massif on our doorstep. We’ve climbed more routes and mountains this summer than ever before, it’s been a huge learning curve and one adventure after another. This may sound a little odd, but I’m so looking forward to the winter conditions setting in and the photos I’ll be able to take then.

4. Cycling

I cycled 1700kms on my Alpine challenge, combined with all the training, completing Ironman Wales and leading a tour from London to Paris, there’s no doubt that I have more mileage under my belt from this summer than I would in an average year. I bought my bike in May and by September it was showing signs of wear and tear I’d not have expected so soon! Luckily, my phone lived to tell the tale and the photos I took will be a reminder forever. You can read about how I used Lifedge to navigate my way across the Alpshere.

5. Rest and Relaxation

After the obstacle racing, climbing mountains, cycling and swimming in icy glacier rivers, there was one thing on my mind – R&R! I headed to the local spa in Chamonix and spent a lazy afternoon moving between the jacuzzi, steam room and sauna. Bliss.

My Lifedge gear

Lifedge’s signature product is the iPhone case. It’s 100% water, dust and damage proof. The case has a lanyard attachment point and one of my favourite accessories is the float. The float means I can jump into rivers and lakes and capture that elated moment without worrying about my phone flying out of my hands and disappearing. I’ve also had a huge amount of use from the bike mount. I used it every day on the Alpine Coast to Coast to position my phone on my bike and use it as my navigational tool. I exposed my phone to a lot of dirt and rain whilst cycling those 1700kms, I couldn’t have used my phone in this way without the case.

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