The 10 Best Running Apps for iPhone

At Lifedge we love running, whether it’s on the streets, track, or trail. Like most runners, when we are out we employ a variety of different apps to help record routes and stats, play music or help with a training plan. This is a list of our top ten running apps for iPhone.

1. Spotify Premium – £9.99 monthly subscription

Boasting a catalogue of over 20 million songs, including the latest releases, Spotify Premium will ensure you’re never left without the right tracks to compliment your run. You can easily share your best running playlist with friends using the social features and by saving your playlists offline, you can listen on the run without having to rely on 3G signal to keep the good vibes going.

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2. Strava – Free

If competition is what gets you out of bed in the morning, Strava is the app for you.  Strava allows you to directly compare your performance with a massive community of athletes (on Strava everyone is referred to as an athlete) including friends, people in your local area, and even the pros. With every run providing awards to win and challenges to beat, no run will ever feel insignificant.

Using the motion co-processor in the iPhone 5s, Strava is able to record not only more data, but more accurate data than any other run tracking app. With regularly updated challenges and a clean, easy to use interface Strava will become integral to your running routine.

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3. Map My Run – Free

Map My Run allows you to create a route on your computer which you can then follow using the smartphone app. Maps can also be exported as a GPX file for Garmin GPS devices. Strava is currently working on a map creating feature which may prove to be even more accurate than this, but until then Map My Run is great for creating and sharing new routes. Also, when you’re in unfamiliar territory you can easily access pre-existing routes to enjoy so you’re never left running aimlessly or puzzling over which way to go next.

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4. My Fitness Pal – Free

This is a good one for the geeks. My fitness pal allows you to track your food intake throughout the day and break it down into useful data. You can either search the huge library of foods on the app or you can use the barcode scanner to get information directly from your food’s packaging. This app can be invaluable for making sure you are meeting the dietary requirements of a training plan, but can also help you to stay on the straight and narrow if you’re prone to snack-denial.

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5. Google Maps – Free

When you’re out running it’s easy to get lost. Especially if you’re trying out a new route or pushing yourself further than usual. If your route takes an unexpected turn, it’s easy to get on the right path using Google Maps. At any time you can check where you are, and if you are really lost, the app can guide you back home accurately and safely. If you’re thinking about covering some serious distance it’s always a good idea to have paper maps with you as well.

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6. Endomondo – Free

Endomondo operates similarly to Strava but instead of focusing on ‘athletes’ and competition, it is more geared towards building a support community around running. Compared to Strava, the free version doesn’t offer anywhere near the depth of analysis, but for many, particularly those who run for fun or simply as a means to stay fit, the data offered by Strava is unnecessary. A particularly nice feature of Endomondo is the way you can send messages to friends who also use the app in real time. If you write a message, the app will then read the message aloud to them as they run.

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7. Instagram – Free

Instagram allows you to edit and then share the photographs that you take whilst out running. No matter where you run there are always things to see, and moments to capture. If you don’t want to stop for long, you can quickly shoot your photos using the phone camera and edit the images later for sharing. With Instagram it’s easy to take eye catching pictures and share your run story.

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8. The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout – Free

As seen recently on the Apple iPhone advert Strength, this app provides the user with personalised bodyweight workouts in seven minute (10 minute with warm up) sessions, perfect for bookending or breaking up your run. Each exercise is accompanied by a video demonstration and you can create your own custom workouts or follow a randomly generated one. This app is excellent for including important strength training into your running routine.

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9. Pumatrac – Free

This free app by Puma uses all of the data it records from your run, including the music you listen to, how you perform in different weather conditions and what social media you use to create a truly personal running experience. Where Pumatrac is unique though is in how, using all this information, it generates a score at the end of each run which you can then attempt to beat next time.

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10. Charity Miles – Free

With charity miles everyone can be a sponsored athlete. But, instead of the money lining your own pocket, the money you earn will go to a charity. By signing up to the app you enter a deal where for every mile you run 25 cents will be donated to a charity that you have chosen from those available in the app. The money comes from a group of businesses and investors and is continually topped up, so even if you run Forrest Gump style the pot won’t run dry. Sadly, this one only applies if you’re a runner in the US. 

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What apps do you use when you’re out running? If you think we’ve left anything out let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.

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