Winter Miles | Summer Smiles

With the arrival of British Summertime comes the refreshing possibility of brand new Spring adventures. The promise of warmer weather and longer days make every early morning wake-up call that little bit easier and provides us with a reinvigorated determination to keep striving for our goals and achieve more. Find out here how Lifedge Pioneer Sophie Radcliffe is hoping to convert winter miles into summer smiles…

As the clocks went forward an hour and marked the start of British summertime, I’m sure we all woke up expecting to see a glorious spring day outside. I didn’t have to look out the window to know it was raining; I could hear it on pattering on the window. Despite the weather being less than favourable on the first day of Spring, there’s no denying it is on its way and with the change in season comes many things to feel excited about.

Here’s what’s getting me excited this spring:

1.) Winter Miles Equals Summer Smiles

Winter miles are hard. No matter what sport we’re training for, it takes a lot of commitment and motivation to get the miles in when it can be dark, cold, wet and windy. Out there battling the elements I often have one thing on my mind; what it’s all for? The goals I’ve been working for are getting closer and closer. The summer challenges, the sunny days and the desired physique! It’s time to start reaping the rewards of the seeds that have been sown and enjoying the taste of something we’ve worked hard for.

            2.) No Agenda Days

How often do you give yourself a day to wander and roam without an agenda? Probably not very often, I don’t! No agenda days are so good for us; to be and walk and talk and enjoy and go where the wind takes us. They’re refreshing, spontaneous and good for replenishing our resources. Often I save these for holidays but this Spring I’m going to make an effort to do them more often. It doesn’t have to be a whole day; even a few hours can make the world of difference to my midset and help me relax. When the sun is shinning I feel happy and I can’t wait to see where my no agenda days take me.

3.) Camping

Some of you may have seen in my latest blog that I am a fan of winter camping, however, I can’t deny that it is rather cold and as a result I don’t sleep that well! Now the weather is getting warmer, I’m looking forward to planning camping adventures with friends. From cooking food round a fire to drinking whiskey under a beautiful night sky and watching the sun go down, it’s a wonderful way to spend a day or two. I love waking up to the sounds of nature and instantly being hit with that feeling of promise for the day’s adventure.

            4.) Wild Swimming 

I’ve written about my passion for wild swimming on the Lifedge blog before and it’s something that is on my mind all the time at the moment. Everyday it becomes warmer I wonder if my local lake is ready to swim in. This summer I’m training for the Evergreen Ironman race in Chamonix  so the sooner I can get in the lake the better! Lakes, rivers and the sea are an instant source of freshness and freedom, the moment the water hits me I feel good.

Writing this has made me so excited about the months that lay ahead and the adventures that await. When I look back on my year, it’s the times when I made the effort to create adventures for myself and my friends that are my fondest memories. My mission is to fill life with these as much as possible.

Now all we need is for the rain to go away!



Lifedge goes where you go so protect your technology this Spring and focus on creating new memories and experiencing new adventures…