Zofia Reych: 2014 with Lifedge

2014 was a big year for Lifedge Pioneer, Zofia Reych. As well as earning a master’s degree Zof has taken her Lifedge gear across the UK and Europe climbing pretty much anything she can get her hands and feet on. Here’s her roundup of 2014 with Lifedge…

“There are always more things to do and achieve, but it’s the feeling of being on the right track that is the best reward.”

It was a good year. In summer I graduated with an MA in anthropology, so I will forever remember 2014 as the year when I got my post­-grad degree. It was certainly one of the most exciting adventures of my life, especially as thanks to the open­-mindedness of my supervisors I was allowed to write my thesis about nothing else but… climbing.

With uni work out of the way, it was finally possible to climb on the rock a little bit more often. Looking back at the year, I surprised even myself with how many trips I managed to do!

Choosing pictures for this post, all taken with my iPhone protected by my Lifedge case, I realised that 2014 was even more awesome than I remembered it…

In February I was bouldering in the forest of Fontainebleau, eating a lot of French cheese and drinking a lot of French wine. March was sport climbing
on a beach near Bristol, as well as exploring derelict slate quarries in Wales…

…only to return to Fontainebleau in April for more sandstone and cheese. In May, I found myself taking an unexpected turn, going straight from the Austrian snow I found myself climbing on warm Portland limestone…

…and then on more Spanish rock. Weekends were marked by trips to Swanage or Wales (yes, driving from London to Llanberis for one and a half days of climbing is totally worth it). In summer however, I realised that these brief outings were not entirely sustainable and I needed to make some more lifestyle changes.

So, 2014 was the year when I moved from London to Sheffield. Now I’m closer to The Peak District and its superb gritstone crags, and almost every dry day can be spent climbing.

There are always more things to do and achieve, but it’s the feeling of being on the right track that is the best reward. I have no resolutions for the New Year, because I finished the old one exactly where I wanted to be.

When Zofia is travelling and climbing she uses a Lifedge Waterproof iPhone Case and accessories to protect her iPhone, allowing her to go further and do more.

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